My Life As A Dad Podcast Episode 01 – Tommy Reid

In the debut “My Life As A Dad” Podcast, Robert “Daddy” Nickell introduces the world to the first web series dedicated to dads. The go-to “Daddy Expert,” father of seven and renowned writer and entrepreneur brings acclaimed filmmaker Tommy Reid to the show, discussing his role not only as the director of “My Life As A Dad,” but also tips and tricks he has learned as a new father. Reid shares keen insight into managing time between work and family, digging deep into his own father’s lessons and how they are applied in today’s modern society. Nickell and Reid delve into the importance of technology and how it has broadened accessibility to advice for dads in need. Tune in to see what the future holds for “My Life As A Dad” and how you can become even better on your journey through fatherhood. Nickell and Reid’s ‘kinetic energy’ is contagious!

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